Can You Install Pavers Over Concrete

The driveways, walkways and patios are used every day. Time will come when the concrete on these areas will start looking old and worn out. You will need to make the existing concrete look better or upgrade it to a new look. Paving stones can be the best idea and an interesting way to make the driveways, walkways and patio look beautiful and upgraded. But many people ask – can you install pavers over concrete? Read on to know the answer.

Can You Install Pavers Over Concrete

The paver stones can make your driveways, patio and walkways look beautiful instantly increasing the curb appeal of the house’s exterior. There are many benefits of installing pavers. But there

Can You Install Pavers Over Concrete
Can You Install Pavers Over Concrete

are some things you have to consider before you install the pavers over concrete.

Benefits of Pavers

Though concrete is mostly used in the driveways and walkways as it is more affordable, concrete is more prone to cracking. Also, it can be quite difficult to repair or fix. Paving stones is a better option and comes with a lot of benefits. It has also become more and more popular because of many reasons. Pavers come in different styles, colors, patterns and textures. They give a much classier look to the driveway or walkways. It can also be repaired much easily. Installation process is also easy for the pavers. But the process is quite different when you want to install the pavers over the concrete. 

Things to consider before installing pavers over concrete:

Before you consider paving stones over the already existing concrete, you have to check if the concrete is in good shape or not. This means there should not be any large cracks and the surface must be smooth. Also, you need to check if there is enough space to add pavers over the concrete without the need to block any doorways as that cause tripping hazards. Here is the best way to install the pavers over concrete:

  1. First you have to clean the entire concrete surface with the help of the pressure washer for removing all the debris and dirt. Once the concrete is completely dried, you have to glue down the pavers using the mortar or the concrete adhesive.
  2. Next, you have to add a thick layer of sand or gravel about across the entire area where you will install the pavers. This will help draining away the water from pavers.
  3. Now, the next step is adding pavers on the top of the sand. Make sure there is an appropriate gap between the pavers.  Once all the pavers are installed and cut, you have to sweep in some of the polymeric sand into the joints for locking the interior pavers without the need to glue them.

    Can You Install Pavers Over Concrete
    Can You Install Pavers Over Concrete

Final Thoughts

So, can you install pavers over concrete? Of course, yes! But installing pavers on the concrete doesn’t work all the time. If the base underneath the concrete is not strong enough the pavers cannot be installed. You have to call an industry professional first to assess whether or not it is okay to install the pavers over the concrete, how to lay pavers on dirt, or how long to wait to seal pavers. They can help you with a proper and accurate solution.

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