California Outdoor Concepts
California Outdoor Concepts

The Original Firepit Table

There are no production lines, no mindless assembly of parts and pieces.

Each table is Hand Crafted from your choice of materials… metals that are wrought, formed or cast…stone cut from mountain millions of years old. We are here to create a new friendly and well designed environment for you because our aim is to create an atmosphere that you will not want to leave. Some of our fire pits come from the world famous BBQ and Fire Pit Pros and come with some of the most popular grills like Grilltech and the Bayou Smoker.

Take a brief journey through our site. You will discover many choices. We believe you cannot make a wrong choice. We Guarantee you will experience a lifetime of enjoyment from your selection.



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Make Your Backyard Special

If you’re looking to turn your backyard into your dream backyard, then nothing will get that going more than a beautiful swimming pool.

If you’re looking to accentuate your backyard, Tesarra Outdoor Pool Builders will incorporate our amazing fire pits and BBQ’s with their award-winning pool designs. Enjoy a warm fire pit next to a refreshing swimming pool, no matter where you live, including Orange Country, Irvine, or Palm Springs California.

You can view these designs in our gallery, prepare to be amazed.

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Pool Builder

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