California Outdoor Concepts is a leading designer of unique home furnishings. Dedicated to the idea that each family has a special eye for the things they love, our design efforts are directed towards furniture that reflects your individual choices.

Because our design and production facilities are located in the sunny climate of Southern California, we are afforded the opportunity to experience, almost daily, the lifestyle that is inherent in our collection. It is our genuine desire to share that lifestyle with each of our clients.

Whether hosting an elegant dinner party for friends, a barbeque with family or simply relaxing. California Outdoor Concepts’ Firepit Tables bring multifunctional beauty for all seasons to any outdoor living space.

California Outdoor Concepts provides the resources for the ultimate outdoor lifestyle — your choice, your lifestyle, our pleasure!

Perfect combination of colors, shapes, and lines it is all about design


The Style, Hand Craftsmanship and Materials, guarantees that your personal selection will be yours alone. There are no production lines, no mindless assembly of parts and pieces. Each table is Hand Crafted from metals that are formed or cast, stone cut from mountains millions of years old.

Outdoor living is redefined with exclusive, handcrafted outdoor furnishings by California Outdoor Concepts that create a space as unique as the lifestyle of each homeowner. Incomparable in quality and craftsmanship, California Outdoor Concepts’ original Firepit Tables are available in 10 distinctive designs.

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