How to Make Steps Out of Pavers

So, you want to know how to make steps out of pavers. Paving stones offer great support to your outdoor installations that include walkways, decks, and even retaining walls. Also, they are best to withstand harsh weather and normal wear and tear. You can choose any designs and styles to transform the look and functionality of your exterior. However, your objective is a solid base and strong support.

How to Make Steps Out of Pavers

Building steps out of pavers is not a difficult process. Also, it does not demand much time, effort, and money. You just need to know how to do it. Do you want to know how? If yes, then the following article is written for you only.

Step-by-step Instructions

Step One

Start by digging the area where the first step installation is done. Dig eight inches deep. The compacted area’s width might slightly vary depending on your intended step size. After digging, use a hand tamper or plate compactor to compact the subsoil. These tools will make the surface completely flat to support your steps.

Step 2

You need to get a landscape fabric and use it to cover the area. This is important since it will support rainwater drainage under your step. After covering that excavated area with fabric, you will have to use crushed stone, or the appropriate gravel size for your needs, to cover the fabric. Make a 3/4 –inch layer and then compact the layer well. With this, you can get a flat and stable surface to install the step.

Step 3

How to Make Steps Out of Pavers
How to Make Steps Out of Pavers

You are done with the basics. Now prepare a mixture with one part of Portland cement and two parts of the dampened sand. The amount of sand you’ll need depends on the total area you’ll be laying pavers. Mix them well to get a thick paste. Now use this paste to create a ¼ -inch layer on the base material top. It will create a flat surface where you can install your pavers.

Step 4

Set the first layer of your pavers onto that mixture directly. You need to check the level after setting every stone. It is important to ensure that your pavers will sit flat against the surface as well as each other. You’ll need to know how to fix loose pavers, in case any have become loose or unleveled.

Step 5

Once it is done, consider cutting one inch in the second level of paver from the first paver to have staggered joints between your stones. This will offer your steps good structural support. Now you can use either mallet or chisel or any diamond-blade wet saw for the cutting purpose. Choose the tool depending on the material. Continue to get more joints to reach the required height for the step.

Step 6

You are done. Now you can simply spread a sand layer on paver step’s top and then you just need to sweep it into those joints that you will find between pavers to get solid structural support. Finally, settle the sand and compact the surface.

Bottom Line

Having new paver steps is a great way for your hardscape to look complete. You should now know how to make steps out of pavers. You just want to make sure you get it right the first time, so they don’t have to be redone later. First, get all the materials ready and then go through the entire process before going ahead with your decision.

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