How To Design A Deck

Great decks are a great value addition for your home and can add curb appeal to your home. You can get some great deck building tips online but designing a deck is a very personal task. Decks should fit in with the rest of the house and the personality of the occupants. Without taking these into consideration, your deck may feel out of place. Read on for some great tips on how to design a deck that fits in with your style and home.

How To Design A Deck
How To Design A Deck

Assess Your House’s Location, Views, Yard And Elevation

The first deck-building tip to designing a stylish deck is to assess the site where it will be placed. Spend some time at the place where you intend to build the deck. For example, how does the sunrise and sunset hit the deck? Is there a need for a shade structure? What views could be visible from the deck? Will it overlook a yard or a pool?

A site assessment will help you design a yard that makes the most of your house and the environment around it. But don’t limit yourself to the deck design that existed previously or what you have seen in your neighborhood.

Establish Clarity On Your Needs And Wants

Number one on the list of what to know before building a deck is the reason why you need or want a deck. Your deck design should be fit for purpose. Do you want a deck for grilling and holding barbeques? Do you need a place to sunbathe? Is your deck a place to do your fitness workouts? Knowing your needs and desires will help you design a deck that will be used and loved by your family.

Think About Traffic And Stair Location

Something else to consider when designing your deck is how you intend for people to move from your house to the deck and off the deck into your yard. The house door and stairs of the deck should be easily accessible from all sides of the deck. Make sure that any furniture that you will place in the deck e.g. grills or pool lounge chairs don’t block access to the connecting house door or stairs. Stairs should also provide an easy transition off the deck.  Very steep stairs can be trip hazards and lead to slips and fall off your deck.

Decide On Decking Material

Another important consideration when desi

How To Design A Deck
How To Design A Deck

gning your deck is the type of material that you will use to build your deck. Some people prefer the look and feel of wood on a deck whereas others prefer the appearance and durability of stone tiles or pavers. The type of material you intend to use will influence the type of deck you design. Additionally, your budget may limit your choice of material.


What Is A Good Deck?

A great deck design is one that suits the needs and wants of the home occupants. Research extensively to get ideas on the best decking materials and designs but ultimately you should design a deck that will fit the needs of your family. For more tips on how to build your home, such as pool deck ideas and landscaping, read the rest of our blog.