How to Lay Pavers on a Sloped Driveway

Pavers are champs in giving a new look to your compound. They add a sense of character to your walkways, the landscape, and anything else you put them up to. You also get a variety of styles to make your choice. Equally thrilling is the fact that their installation is pretty straightforward for anyone willing to get their hands dirty. But it is a different ballgame when you have to install them on a sloping surface. You will need to know how to lay pavers on a sloped driveway properly. 

How to Lay Pavers on a Sloped Driveway

It will not come to this now that you found this post first. Here, you will be guided on how to install the pavers on your sloping driveway.  Every step is

How to Lay Pavers on a Sloped Driveway

important so follow it to the letter. 

Demarcate your walkway

Start by deciding where your pathway is going to be and determine paver thickness. Use landscaping paint to mark it clearly. Be sure to select the less sloppy area. It is easier to work on a gentle slope and achieve the best results. 

Ready the ground

Begin your work by looking for rocks, roots, and any other debris in and on the soil. Get them away and leave the ground as level as possible. Cut the sods in required length and put them near your working area. 

To get rid of any depressions on the ground, rake the surface. You will not only get out debris, but also leave the ground even. A flat ground means you will have a stable foundation for the pavers. 

Create borders

You will need landscape borders. You can use plastic to define the edges of your lawn. It has to be something that clearly defines the working areas and the edges. The borders should be installed on the side that you have already cut. Use stakes to ensure that the borders remain in place all the time you are working. 

Add a layer of gravel

The soil is not adequate to form a firm foundation for the pavers. Get the right sized gravel and spread them over the area. The rocks should be at least 2 inches deep into the ground. Use a rake to spread them evenly. A compactor should get them into place and ready for paving. 

How to Lay Pavers on a Sloped Driveway
How to Lay Pavers on a Sloped Driveway

Time for the pavers

Expert pavers say start paving at the centermost position of the pathway. Work towards the sides until every inch is covered. Break any pavers with a chisel and beat them into place with a hammer. You should have an even space when all is done. 

Add a layer of cement sand over the pavers

Pour cement sand over the pavers. Use a thick broom to sweep the sand into all the spaces between the pavers. Once you are satisfied, get a compactor and press the pathway to be level. Use a hose to spray over the surface and drive away any loose dirt. Your work is done. 

It is easy to learn how to lay pavers on a sloped driveway. In fact, this post has covered everything you need to know. Get the right tools and supplies and be on your way to a new paved sloped driveway. 

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