Pros and Cons of Stamped Concrete vs Pavers

Are you trying to decide between stamped concrete and pavers? Many homes or business owners find it hard to decide on one while considering a pool or landscape installation. They want a flawless installation, lasting solution, and quality material. Both these materials have some similar and distinctive features. Therefore, it is important to know the pros and cons of stamped concrete vs pavers to decide on the most suitable one for you. 

Pros and Cons of Stamped Concrete vs Pavers

In this article, we will discuss the positives and negatives of pavers and stamped concrete. Doing so can help narrow down which one better suits your project.  


If you are looking for an elegant and beautiful look, you can go with pavers. This material is known for an appealing appearance. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and last long. They are good for heavy loads, which makes pavers a good option for driveways. Besides, pave stones are available more than a hundred colors and styles. You can use pavers to design your deck and patio to complement your new firepit and landscape. Pavers are a bit more expensive than stamped concrete.

ProsPros and Cons of Stamped Concrete vs Pavers

  • Around three times stronger than concrete.
  • Properly installed pavers will not crack.
  • These are not slippery.
  • Easy to maintain, repair, or upgrade.
  • Will not absorb moisture and resistant to freeze thaws.
  • Best for the swimming pool.
  • Enhanced curb appeal.


  • Color options are limited in comparison to stamped concrete 
  • Settling can occur over time. You can fix the loose and settled pavers by placing sand underneath them.
  • Prone to weeds.

Stamped Concrete 

Stamped concrete is popular worldwide for deck and patios. This is also a bit cheaper than the previous one. You will find a variety of patterns and colors. You can choose any color and pattern depending on your preference. As this material is affordable, the end cost will be less than pavers. However, it can crack and installers can fix this issue by using control joints. The stamped concrete is not weatherproof and can make the surface slippery as well. However, it can be best to get an impressive and appealing look for any property. 


  • Many colors and patterns to choose from.
  • Cheaper than pavers and other construction materials.
  • It is sealed that protects from weather elements and chemicals.
  • Provides a natural stone look without hurting your budget.


  • Stamped concrete can crack.
  • Not moisture and freeze-thaw resistant.
  • Quality is questionable depending on the provider.
  • Needs to be sealed in every couple of years.
  • Slippery and that does not make it a good choice for a swimming pool.

Bottom Line

Now you know the pros and cons of stamped concrete vs pavers. You can decide the material depending on your project type. For example, if you are planning for a swimming pool, you can think of installing pavers, as they will create a hard and non-slippery surface. For a landscape or patio, you can use stamped concrete, but you might need to maintain it regularly to retain the look for longer. When it comes to your backyard hardscape, both make great options.