The Perfect Swimming Pool Temperature

The best swimming pool experiences happen when the water is at the right temperature for your needs. Although all swimming pools should have a good temperature, different pools require different temperatures depending on who uses them.

Pools are just like conference rooms in that some people will prefer cooler temperatures while some prefer warm environments. The key to success is to set your pool at the optimum temperature for most of your users. Read on for more information on what temperature you should set your swimming pool thermostat at.

The Perfect Swimming Pool Temperature
The Perfect Swimming Pool Temperature

Swimming Pools For Athletes

If your swimming pool will mainly be used by athletes and for swimming competitions, then the temperature needs to be cooler than average. This is because athletes swim many laps while practicing and their body temperature goes quite high due to the exertion. A temperature of between 78 to 82 degrees is ideal for such pools. During competitions, athletes want to swim at their fastest speed and cool temperatures allow them to do so.

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) states that pools for swimming competitions such as the Olympics must be set at a temperature of between 77- and 82-degrees F. The American Red Cross mandates a pool temperature of 78 degrees for fitness swimming. Higher temperatures would cause athletes to overheat while swimming.

Recreational Swimming Pools

Swimming pools used mainly for fun such as those in hotels and resorts are called recreational pools. The American red cross recommends 81 degrees for recreational swimming. Generally, recreation pools have many users, so the pool temperature is raised by the bodies in it. 

Setting the temperature at the lower 80’s gives enough leeway for the temperature to rise to the optimal temperature of about 86 degrees when the pool is full of people.

Water Therapy Pools

The Red Cross recommends a temperature of 86 Degrees Fahrenheit for swimming pools used for water therapy. Most public swimming pools are set between 86 to 88 degrees as this is the ideal temperature for beginner swimmers. Older people and infants also do better with warmer swimming pools as warm water eases joint pain and calms down the body.

The Perfect Swimming Pool Temperature
The Perfect Swimming Pool Temperature

Private Swimming pools

The final category of swimming pools is private ones that are found in homes. For these, the ideal swimming pool temperature would depend on user preferences. The Red cross mentions that your individual needs and preferences are what will determine what temperature you set. 

If you regularly swim laps for fitness, then set the temperature to the lower 80’s. However, if you use the pool for relaxing and water therapy then you can set it on the higher 80s. Whatever the case, your pool temperature should never go higher than 96 degrees Fahrenheit as it then becomes dangerous for humans.

Ideal Temperature For All Swimming Pool Users

If your swimming pool has many different patrons, then its best temperature is 85 degrees. Give a little time after shocking your pool before you set your desired temperature. You can’t keep changing your pool thermostat as you will end up with high energy costs and displeased patrons.

Having the right temperature along with quality pool maintenance will ensure that your swimming pool is popular with swimmers and used often.