There is something beautiful and elemental about fire. It brings everyone together when we share stories and toast marshmallows. Fire can also bring out the best in chefs as they dazzle guests with roasted corn, and charred hot dogs, burgers, or steak. So if you want to create a good old-fashioned campfire in your own garden or backyard, there is no option better than a fire pit. Before making a purchase decision, here are the four main types of fire pits to choose from for your patio.

1. Wood-burning Fire Pit

This is probably the most popular type of fire pit that you can find in a variety of home improvements shops and stores. Wood-burning fire pits are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, from tabletop units to those which come with a large fire bowl and sit on bases for easy transportation. They are often equipped with a grate which could be used for preparing dishes or cooking, a poker, and a mesh guard from sparks. The spark guard will prevent embers from coming out of the fire bowls without hiding the view, while the poker can be used to move the coals and wood around safely to keep the fires.

2. Propane Fire PitTypes of Fire Pits

Propane fire pits are often large in size, making them a great option for outdoor areas. Also, this type usually features ornate and complicated designs. Just like outdoor grills, they typically operate on a propane tank that is self-contained. Also, this model would range from a state-of-the-art unit in which it can be constructed into a table, to a portable model.

3. Natural Gas Fire Pit

If your property can access a line of natural gas in the outdoor space, then this type of fire pit can be a perfect option to go for. The most important benefit of natural gas fire pits is that they will never use up fuel. However, if you planning to purchase this model without a gas line available, it can be costly to install the plumbing system.

4. Gel Fire Pit

This type of fire pit is a great option to create intrigue and ambiance in the backyard. As the name suggests, it uses gel to produce fire, which is clean and doesn’t generate any smoke or scent. Gel fire pits are divided into two types, including tabletop and log. You could buy gel-fueled logs to put in any design of fire pits. They will create a realistic feel and look of the fire, while also hiding the holders in the logs. If you just want to have a small fire in your backyard or garden, then a tabletop gel-fueled fire pit might be better. This style could be moved easily indoors or create a perfect display to your patio table.

The Bottom Line

So, what are the different types of fire pits? A fire pit could do more than just set your mood. By having a grate on its top, you can use it to cook for a barbecue party in the garden as well. You can choose from wood fire pits, to gas and gel fire pits. No matter which type you go for, it will definitely make your life easier and more convenient. Here at California Outdoor Concepts, our team can help ensure you pick the right fire pit for your patio.

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