how to clean pool liner stains

Pool liner stains can be quite unsightly. While pool liners are less likely to stain than plaster pools, for example, chemical stains, organic stains and metal stains can occur on the vinyl or on ladders or plastic steps. As such, it’s important to learn how to clean pool liner stains. Here are a few steps to bear in mind.

How to Clean Pool Liner Stains

This post highlights some tips on getting rid of pool linehow to clean pool liner stainsr stains. It points out how to identify the source of the stains and choose a cleaning method that will be most effective at ensuring your pool is free of stains.

Metal Stains

If your pool has high levels of metals, then copper, iron and manganese can come out of solution in your pool water. One of the most critical ways to prevent mineral stains is to maintain proper pH in your pool. If you have a high or low PH, minerals can come out of solution and stain your pool. Unfortunately, home test kits for minerals and metals are not very accurate nor are they readily available, but your local pool store may be able to test for metals in a water sample.

Chemical Stains

Corrosive pool chemicals laying directly on your pool surface can cause bleaching. Chemicals such as chlorine tablets, calcium increaser and pool shock can also fade a liner and lead to puckering.

Organic Stains

Your open pool will absorb all sorts of organic matter every day. From leaves and twigs to pollen and dead animals. Although organic liner stains are often easy to remove, cleaning, filtration and sanitation are the best ways to keep it under control when you’re building a new pool or remodeling one. You can also opt for simple pool landscaping to decrease the chances of debris falling into your pool. 

Stains on The Vinyl Liner

You can determine exactly what the stain is, based on evidence gathered. Is it organics, or metals? Does it rub off, or brush off?

  • Start by cleaning. A clean pool and clean filter are the proper preparation for removing stains. Be sure to skim any leaves from bushes away, brush and vacuum your pool for clean pool water as well.
  • The next thing you need to do is balance the water chemistry. Make sure the calcium levels, alkalinity and pH are spot on.
  • Once you’ve balanced the water, make sure you shock the pool, using either diluted chlorine shock or non-chlorine shock. You can shock your pool every so often as a part of your autumn pool maintenance.
  • If that doesn’t remove the stains, don’t worry. You can drain and acid wash a vinyl liner. The trick is to remove vinyl stains more gently.
  • If you’re unable to determine the source of the stain, you can use a stain Identification kit to identify the stain and then determine the next steps to remove the stains.

Bottom Line

With these tips on how to clean pool liner stains, you can enjoy a clean stain-free pool. Before trying to get rid of any pool liner stains, start with ensuring a good water balance and shocking your pool. If the stains are still there, you can then take the necessary steps to get rid of them.