Want to emphasis the aesthetics of your pool by making it chic, modern, romantic or relaxed but don’t have much time, money or energy to bring your vision to life? Here are simple pool landscaping ideas that can inspire you to DIY or splurge on the way that fits you and your dream pool area best. 

Simple Pool Landscaping

You don’t have to redo your entire backyard to transform it. Adding lights, a fire pit, and a garden are just some landscaping ideas to bring your backyard to life.

Tranquility Garden 

A Japanese style garden surrounding any body of water immediately causes relaxation. If you have a smaller more intimate sized pool, creating a peaceful tranquility Garden with some fine sand and bonsai trees or cherry blossom trees can make a very interesting place for meditating in the water.

Party LightsSimple Pool Landscaping

They don’t have to be big, crazy, colorful lights. The trend now is small fairy lights or large white lights hanging above the pool to imitate the stars in the sky. This creates great lighting for entertaining as it covers a large surface area with subtle lighting.

Fire Pit

A fire pit can be bought, or you can build your own pit with some bricks or stones. There are various types of fire pits to choose from. Either way, including a fire pit area close to the pool makes a romantic atmosphere that can be comforting during a relaxing night in as well as be the party starter next summer with smores and hot dogs. 

Comfy Seating Area

With enough space, you can create a cozy outdoor living space, and make a seating area everyone will enjoy just as much as the pool. You can use big bean bag chairs and large fluffy pillows or puffy couches and lots of throw blankets. Any of these makes a nap by the pool sound pretty nice right about now. 

A Rock Garden Simple Pool Landscaping

Some people just aren’t green thumbs, but still want a beautiful landscape. If there is empty space around your pool, you can fill it up with different rocks and some desert plants that are low maintenance. The rocks can be all different colors or you can have a theme of colors that pair well with the desert plants you choose. Low maintenance plants are perfect for people who can’t remember to water them and they look nice in the midst of a bed of rocks around the pool. 

Light up the Garden 

If you happen to already have a nice garden around the pool and want to make it even better, add rope lighting around the perimeter of the garden for fun nocturnal party lighting. Great way to give guests more light and some direction on the dark. 


Sometimes all an area needs to look it’s best is a little tidying up. Easy mundane tasks such as sweeping, cutting the grass, picking up trash and throwing away dead plants can improve the look and feel of your pool for free. 

In Conclusion

Entertaining, living and relaxing by the pool are all activities that can be enhanced by simple pool landscaping. With just a personal touch and the addition of lights, plants or fire, your pool will be the new place you want to spend all of your time. 

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