Gardening can be relaxing and rewarding – but it can also be very frustrating, especially when maintenance takes you hours. But don’t worry because you can minimize your time doing those tasks by making the right choices and planning carefully. Let’s check out the following useful low-maintenance backyard ideas.

Low Maintenance Backyard Ideas

We have some great landscaping options and advice that can help you boost your backyard and allow you to get back to enjoying the space. In addition to having a fire pit and entertaining space, here are some additional ways to spruce up your backyard.

1. Drought-tolerant Shrubs and Perennials

Water management and conservation is the key to lower your maintaining efforts in the garden. Plants and flowers that require plenty of water to grow would be one of the most time-consuming and biggest challenges for those you want to reduce the amount of care. A simple solution, however, is not to try adding some water-guzzlers. Instead, go for any drought-tolerant perennials or shrubs, such as Autumn Joy, Moonbeam coreopsis, purple coneflower, Russian sage, or butterfly bush.

2. Moss and Clover – Lawn Grass AlternativeLow Maintenance Backyard Ideas

We all know that lawn grass can be very time-consuming to take care. So, if you want to save time and effort, a great alternative is moss, which are fuss-free plants that grow in shady areas where most varieties of grass don’t grow. Unlike grass, moss requires less maintenance to grow and spread.

Another option can be clover, which is often included in most ground covers with many attractive features. Compared to grass lawns, these plants are more drought-tolerant, affordable, and have fewer effects on the environment. In addition, clovers are insect-resistant, don’t need to be mowed regularly, and compete with weeds well. Those reasons make them a superb alternative for grass.

3. Xeriscape

Xeriscaping a form of landscape design in arid areas that require no or little maintenance and irrigation. Those homeowners who have had to care and mow lawns for years are obviously aware of the demands and challenges of those tasks. More importantly, it can be costly to replace lawns when they suffer from drought. To avoid it, you should take preventive measures by changing the existing landscape design and adopting xeriscaping.

4. Mulch

Mulch is an unsung hero for your landscaping routine. It is highly malleable, portable, and for some kinds of mulch, you would even make your own. In case you are a workaholic and don’t have enough time for your backyard, then mulch can be a simple and quick solution to many problems. A layer of mulch will reduce the watering needs considerably. Also, it can suppress weeds, making it much easier to care for your garden and backyard.

5. Deer-resistant Ground Cover

Having a ground cover is a great landscape solution that would reduce your mowing time and watering needs. But when deer come to find foods on those plants, it might take you hours to clean the mess. Thus, you need to find a new strategy and include some deer-resistant plants. These might include stonecrop, pear cactus, lamb’s ear, purple, wood spurge, or rock cress.

The Bottom Line

These low maintenance backyard ideas will spruce up your backyard. Everyone has a busy, full life. Your backyard, thus, should be a relaxing heaven where you can recharge the batteries after a long day at work. Reducing your landscape-maintenance duties will give you more time to enjoy your space. With the resulting effort and time savings, there will be more leisure moments for you and your family to enjoy.