Investing in a pool is a great way to increase the value of your home. There are plenty of pool designs out there and you can always find someswimming pool designs and pricesthing that works for you. However, the cost of building one is nothing to sneeze at. It helps to know a thing or two about swimming pool designs and prices.

Swimming Pool Designs and Prices

This post is an overview of a few awesome pool designs and ideas that you could build on your yard that are also on trend. It also outlines what to expect to pay when building an inground pool.

What to Expect in Terms Of Cost

The average cost to build an inground pool is about $50 per square foot. As a rule of thumb, the price will go higher if you want more depth. You also have to consider additional costs related to accessories such as filters, ladders, heaters and pumps, as well as chemicals to keep the pool clean, covers, and cleaning tools.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $17,000 up to $50,000 for an inground pool in the US depending on shape, size, materials and extra features. Nonetheless, the national average for a 32’ by 16’ in-ground pool is about $25,000. Fiberglass pools typically cost more than their vinyl-lined counterparts.

Amazing Pool Designs and Their Costs

Edge Luxury Swimming Pool with Waterfall

This pool design features two levels and a waterfall that means to blend with the surrounding landscape to recreate natural settings. It’s designed to give you the feeling that you’re swimming in the middle of the jungle. Multi-level pools can be significantly more expensive than regular ones and they usually require more space.

To minimize your costs, you could build levels starting from the bottom of the pool when building a natural swimming pool. The main drawback is that you’ll have different water depths.

Pool with Water Curtain

This pool design features a pool shaped like a T, surrounded by a deck. You can create a water curtain on one side and integrate a spa on the other. This design makes a strong visual statement and will work well to improve your curb appeal.

Swimming Pool Next to a Fire Pit

For this design, you can build a long pool and add aesthetic features to accentuate the overall design. For instance, you can add a fire pit or water fountain near the pool for visual effect. Consider surrounding the pool with concrete walls on one side to provide the necessary frame for the waterfall or the pit.

Long Two-Level Pool

A great way to incorporate a two-level pool is to make the pool long. That means you can have an upper level which is suitable for lap swimming and a lower level where you can relax. To create a sleek appearance, consider adding a vanishing edge on the upper level.

Bottom Line

Armed with some swimming pool designs and prices, you’re better placed to choose a design and work within your budget when you’re considering to build a pool. While most elegant pool models are luxurious and expensive, you can always adapt them to your situation — especially if you’re building it yourself. If you must have an infinity pool, for example, you could reduce the size to cover the extra costs of the vanishing edge feature.

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