Having a swimming pool at home is one of the best additions as this can add aesthetics, fun and health too. But swimming pool water is treated with a lot of chemicals to ensure that the water is clean and free from algae and germs. But chemical free natural swimming pools are the latest trends, these days. If you are wondering about how to build a natural swimming pool step by step, we are here to guide you.

How to Build a Natural Swimming Pool Step by Step

Almost everyone has their own backyard or lawn. Whether you are renovating your pool or building a new one, there are a lot of steps to follow and maintenance to consider.  If you too have an unused patch on the lawn or backyard, you can use that for creating your own chemical-free swimming pool. Here are some of the steps that you have to follow to get your own natural swimming pool:

#1: Keep your design simple.

You need to first decide on the designs and features. Keep the designs as simple as possible. Though the water features and natural stone walls look great, they can add to the expense. So, it is better to keep it as natural as possible in the box shape. How to Build a Natural Swimming Pool Step by Step

#2: Avoid too much of fittings.

To keep it as natural as possible, you have to avoid too much of fittings. You need to make sure that everything is properly blended and it must not look artificial. You can clean the pool with a skimmer easily if you have a small natural pool. But if you want to skim the pool automatically, then make sure to consider and balanced tank for avoiding too many pool fittings.

#3: Don’t make it too deep.

Make sure that your natural swimming pool is not too deep. Though depth is essential for the stability of the natural pools, keep it too deep can be a problem. It is better to stick to a depth of 1.8m or less. If you want the best safety, then you can consider 1.5m as the perfect depth. It is a comfortable depth. 

#4: Have a perfect drainage plan.

Natural pools will fail to survive if you do not have a proper planned drainage. You need to work out on how to move the surface water from the pool efficiently and seamlessly. You are not building a pond, you are having a pool. Drainage plan is essential for that.

#5: Water treatment.

The last and the most important step in the water treatment plan. Swimming pools have different types of water that need to be treated in different ways. You need to make sure that you are treating the water well to keep it healthy and good in quality. You have to use professional help to get the treatment done. 


So, this is all about how to build a natural swimming pool step by step. Though it is not that easy to create a natural swimming pool with chemical free water, you can achieve that. You need to have a proper planning and an excellent professional team to help you in keeping the water quality perfect. You will definitely not want to have algae in your pool. You also must consider your landscaping options for your new pool. While installing a natural swimming pool, you have to keep all these above mentioned points in mind. 

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