There are plenty of reasons to renovate your pool. Maybe you’ve just moved into a house that already has a pool and it’s not what you had envisioned for a dream pool or perhaps you never got the pool you’ve always wanted because you have a limited budget when it was being built. Whatever the case, a pool renovation can transform your pool significantly. Here are some pool renovation ideas to bear in mind if you want to make the most of your pool.

Pool Renovation Ideas

When it comes to renovating a pool, there are many ways to go about it. From resurfacing your pool, to new water features and fire pits, below are some ideas to help get you started:

Led Lighting

If your pool has basic lighting or traditional floodlights, consider investing in LED lights. LED pool lighting may have a higher cost of installation, but it’s more efficient than traditional options. Besides, LED lighting is a cost-effective way to create your own glamorous backyard oasis. They allow you to add your own sense of style to your pool, come in a wide range of colors and can be installed anywhere in the pool area, even below the water.

Pool ResurfacingPool Renovation Ideas

Resurfacing your pool can give it a new lease of life. In addition to improving the looks of your pool, resurfacing serves the practical purpose of replacing anything worn out. For instance, a pool with a simple plaster finish can benefit from an update that will make it look more modern. These days, many people go for aggregate finishes that come in wide-ranging colors that incorporate shells, stones or other materials. Resurfacing your pool can help spruce up your backyard.

Water Line

Simply updating your waterline tile can go a long way in improving your pool’s overall look. Combine it with pool and/or deck resurfacing and people might think you have an entirely new pool.

Saltwater System

Salt water systems have become quite popular over the last few years as they’re economical and easy to maintain. These systems use salt to create chlorine in the water, making it unnecessary to add it using traditional methods. Salt water has also been reported to be easier on the eyes and skin. Not having to spend time and money on handling chlorine is also a major plus.

Pool Features

While adding water features might stretch your budget, things like sprayers, waterfalls and scuppers are often easy to add into a pool. With a reasonable budget, you can also breathe some life into your pool with some sound and motion. Just bear in mind that water features can also increase the cost of maintaining your pool by increasing water evaporation and using extra electricity. You can also install a fire pit near your pool, as it can bring some color to the pool, as well as warmth during the cooler months.

Energy Efficient Equipment

If you’re looking for something practical to update your pool, there are plenty of features designed to make your pool more efficient. One of the main options to consider is a variable speed pool pump, which lowers your energy consumption and may even qualify for an energy rebate. Other options to consider include solar-powered systems and energy efficient filters.

Bottom Line

With the right pool renovation ideas, you can transform your lackluster pool into an oasis of your dreams. Pool technology is also evolving so you might want to consider automation systems. Using robotic cleaners and all-in-one pool automation systems can take your pool to the next level.