Autumn is definitely one of the most beautiful seasons. With the red and golden hue everywhere, this season is surely a favorite one. But as much as the red and yellow leaves here and there adds to the beauty and charm, it is also essential to clean your pool on a regular basis. The leaves can fall on your pool water creating a complete mess. To have a pool swim ready all the time, you have to take autumn pool area maintenance seriously. 

Autumn Pool Area Maintenance

If you are wondering what you have to do to maintain the swimming pool even during the autumn, then you are at the right place. You have to abide by the normal maintenance tips for your swimming pool. But there are some extras that you have to take care of:


#1: Balance the water

You have to make sure that the pH level is perfectly balanced in the pool water. The level must be between 7.2 and 7.6. You can take a sample of your pool water and send it for testing. This will give you a perfect idea about the pH balance in your pool. You can add the right treatment to bring the pH level of the pool water back to its normal level.


#2: Cleaning of pool

Of course, fall is a dry season. So, dust and leaves are everywhere and these can fall into your pool water giving it a clumsy and messy look. Algae can grow faster in unclean pool water. So, make sure to clean the water thoroughly. Use a skimmer net to clean the debris and leaves. Scrub off the dust accumulated at the bottom or on the walls. Make sure you also landscape the surrounding areas of the pool to prevent more dirt from getting in the pool. 

Autumn Pool Area Maintenance

#3: Clean your filter

The pool filter is one of the most important components of the swimming pool. You need a functional and efficient filter to keep your pool water clean and free of dust. But it is also important to clean the pool filters properly and ensure that there are no grease or dust residues in the filter. 


#4: Use the shock treatment

To make sure that your pool water is perfectly clean and free from algae and other germs, shock treatment is essential. It is recommended to give regular shock treatment to your pool throughout the fall and winter season. This can ensure that the pool water will be free from algae completely.


#5: Check the level of chlorine

Autumn Pool Area MaintenanceTo keep your pool clean all the time, it is important to maintain the right level of chlorine. The ideal level of chlorine during the fall and winter seasons is from 2PPM to 3PPM. Higher level of chlorine can be quite harmful for the pool. Even lower level of chlorine can encourage the growth of germs and bacteria. You need to check the right level of chlorine.



So, if you are currently building a pool or renovating it, you will need to remember these autumn pool area maintenance tips. After all these autumn maintenance tips, it is also important to cover the pool. This will prevent the water from getting lost. It will also stop the debris from entering into the pool. You can have a good quality of pool water throughout the fall and winter season if you take these simple above mentioned steps to clean your pool water.

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