Your pool landscape has a significant impact on your yard’s aesthetic appeal. By investing in your landscaping, you can transform a simple pool area into your own private oasis. Fortunately, there are plenty of pool landscape ideas to get your inspired.

Pool Landscape Ideas

This post highlights a few pool landscaping ideas you can use as inspiration for your next pool renovation or building project on a budget.

Relaxation CentralPool Landscape Ideas

Your pool area is where you, your friends and family take some time off to relax. You can maximize your pool’s potential as a relaxation haven by getting rid of tacky floating mattresses and clunky plastic chairs, and installing permanent chairs that will allow you to take full advantage of the splash and sun. The trick here is to keep the new chairs close to a water feature for an enhanced sense of calm.

Cottage Pool Landscaping

Designing a pool area requires you to do something out of the norm. Focus on transforming your pool into a strong and dramatic addition to your yard. By incorporating a large water feature, dark stone and a modern shape, for example, you’ll instantly transform a dull traditional space into a masterpiece.

Your Home Spa

A spa-themed pool area gives you a place to pamper yourself without having to leave your premises. Consider incorporating white stone, blended gently with simplistic greenery and landscaping pebbles to create an aesthetic that’s synonymous with a breath of fresh air. Don’t forget to get yourself those fluffy robes.

Playful and Fresh

A pool gives you the perfect spot to enjoy the company of your family, friends and other special people in your life. Save some space to have fun and make memories in and around your pool. Consider finishing your landscaping with smooth stone on the deck, kid-friendly plants and soft grass. You want to protect those little toes and fingers from bruises and scrapes.

One for The WoodsPool Landscape Ideas

This idea involves building your deck from raw lumber and reclaimed Barnwood to maintain a rustic look and feel while also minimizing your costs. You should also consider adding a permanent or freestanding fire pit close by so you can enjoy those cozy moments after a dip in the pool.

European Pool

Thanks to your pool area, you can create your own European getaway right in your backyard. Invest in a black or brown stone pool and guard it closely with bold walls. Adding real torches or lanterns as light features will bring your idea into life. Some groomed shrubs will also work well as an accent to this ensemble.

Latin American Luxury

With the right ideas and architecture, no matter the pool size, your pool can be in a tropical setting and enjoy a fiesta poolside. Give the area a Latin American vibe by creating open and sheltered spaces. Don’t forget to add a splash of color with your pool tiles or paint a wall to bring the design to life.

Bottom Line

With these pool landscape ideas, you can transform your pool area into virtually anything. Remember to keep your pool clean, otherwise it will clash with your new landscape. Seek inspiration from various sources, consider your budget and find a pool builder or remodeling company that can turn your dreams into a reality.

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