What is a Good Swimming Pool Size?

Size is among the initial factors that come into your mind when you finally decide to have a swimming pool in your compound. Furthermore, before you even picture your new beautiful pool in your backyard, the available space will undoubtedly dictate its size.

Nevertheless, you can have a pool the size of your liking provided you have enough space at your disposal. As such, most people opt for in-ground swimming pools. There are lots of guiding designs available should you be spoilt for choice on what size to adopt.

Rectangular pools are arguably the most common and traditionally they adopt a 10 by 20, 15 by 30, and 20 by 40 dimensions. Moreover, their depths are mostly 5.5 feet. Anything deeper could result in more times that you’re pool is cloudy. Don’t worry, if you pool does get cloudy, it’s easy to remove the cloud from the pool.

However, you should have in mind that the size and shape of your swimming pool is significantly determined by your available resources as well as the purpose of your pool. You could pay attention to the following factors when determining the size of your pool:

1.      The Pool’s Purpose

What is a Good Swimming Pool Size?

What is the purpose or use of your new pool? If it is for personal recreational purposes like quick relaxation, then there is no need for a big pool provided you have suitable outdoor furnishing such as seating or even a firepit. Experts at Teserra Outdoors state that firepits encourage conversations, rest, and relaxation.

However, if you intend to have your entire family at the pool or you will be spending a significant amount of time in the water, you will need to install a spacious one.

If the purpose of your pool is solely for exercises, there are two recommended types of pools. You could adopt a lap pool or an elongated shape one. Moreover, you could also go for a swim spa or a small pool. However, no matter which of the two options you take up, it has to be deep enough. This comes in handy to prevent you from hurting your hands against the pool’s floor.

If you want your pool to have a diving board, you not only require a wide pool but also it should be deep enough, so you don’t bang your head on the floor. Diving boards can be a danger to you and your family; hence the size of a pool that can comfortably have a diving board is dictated by your local authorities or your insurance contacts.

If you intend for your pool to serve as a backdrop for your compound, then you do not need a large pool. A small design will serve you just fine. Contemporary pools and spas tend to add luxury to a yard.

To wrap this up, the main focus should be installing a swimming pool that will serve your purpose perfectly without money or space wastage. If you have a family of more than three heads, it is imperative to install a large poor due to the diversity of activities that different members of your family may want to engage in.

2. The Pool’s Users

Who will be using that particular swimming pool? If your pool will be used solely by adults, then it should be big and deep. On the other hand, if it is a kid’s pool, then it could be shallow but with a wading space to maximize fun when they splash.

Accessibility should also linger in your mind in relation to how people move into and out of your pool. Will people get into the pool by a ladder or steps? For bigger pools, you can have a deep and shallow end. The shallow end could be the entrance into your pool with either steps or a beach entry.

Apart from the focus on who will be the pool’s user, you also need to think about the number of people that will be using it. For large families, you will undoubtedly need a big pool with the ability to accommodate different ages within your family. Furthermore, there is a likelihood of your friends and neighbor wanting to try out your new pool.

Nevertheless, as you plan for your new pool, there is a need to think long term, have the future in mind. Changes may occur, and such could reflect directly on your pool. I mean, you could have additions to your family while some other members may lose interest in the pool.

Possible Limitations

In as much as you might want a particular type or shape of a pool, there could be limiting factors that may stand on your way. Some of which you cannot jump over or go around. Some of the possible limitations that you could encounter include the following:

The Cost

This is arguably the major limitation to the pool of your dreams. Large pools will cost more to install than small ones. However, you can compromise the quality of accessories you intend to install in your pool area for a larger pool.

Available Space

What is a Good Swimming Pool Size?

No matter how much you want that big pool of your dreams, you cannot squeeze it in a small backyard. I mean, if you have little space, then you can only install a small pool. Furthermore, you cannot fill all your backyard space will a swimming pool; you will need space for other engagements. Your swimming pool area should be able to support other activities, not only swimming.


In terms of maintenance, a larger pool will demand more time and resources. Furthermore, if you hire professionals, you will be required to pay more. Doing the maintenance and cleaning on your own could also be quite a task if you have a large pool.

For instance, when replacing the pool liner, you will need to remove all the water from the pool, and pump out the water using an electric pump. To get rid of the stagnant water, use a vacuum. The process can be time-consuming, making it necessary to contact a pool service company. 

Prefab Limitations

For fiberglass pools, the shape and the size are determined by the manufacturers. As such, these features could be limited to what the manufacturer has to offer. Moreover, some components of the pool kit may be limited to specific sizes for ease of shipping.


You might fancy a large pool, but a small one is equally good by its standards. Not only will it be cheaper to install such, but also the chemical treatment costs are manageable. They further leave you with enough space in your yard for other activities and outdoor furnishing of your choice.

You might not appreciate the convenience of a smaller pool, but when you are finally over the larger one and need to engage in other essential activities that need space, you will understand. A small pool allows you space in case you might want to have other activities in the pool area. Remember, you can even install a deck in the available space.