Pool Fencing Ideas

Swimming pools are a fantastic complement to your backyard. But you will need to consider a fence around your pool. Floating on the water and kicking back with a cool drink is better when it happens in your backyard. Most people love swimming and doing so at one's convenience while bringing together friends and kinfolk on warm summer days. But, again, you will need to have a fence around your pool. Can you build your own pool fence? Great question, but we will get there soon enough.

For homeowners with guest-hosting aspirations, adapting your pool area for comfort and functionality with different types of pool finishes helps immensely. Optimization of pool amenities for social gatherings is done in many ways, including decks, fences, and patios. Among these, fences serve a dual function of evoking an immaculate aesthetic while increasing safety on the waterfront.

Safety is a big issue when owning a pool. Taking the time to fence off the pool area properly will prove very beneficial in the long run by preventing accidents that tend to happen when small children and pets fall in.

Pool Fence Ideas
Pool Fence Ideas

Regardless of its reason, be it enhancing the aesthetic of the pool section or constructing a safety barricade for toddlers and pets, there is an array of pool fencing options for you. There are many materials and designs to choose from for your pool fence designs, including metal, vinyl, glass, wood, etc.

What are some considerations to make when trying to figure out whether or not you should build a pool fence?


1. Safety –The safest thing you can do for your family and pets is installing adequate swimming pool fencing around. Knowing that the odds of an accident are reduced bestows upon you some degree of a piece of mind.

2. Privacy –With adequate height requirements met for fencing and opaque material used, a sectioned pool privacy fence for your swimming area is provided for personal enjoyment and entertaining guests.

3. Style –The right fence can be an asset to the overall creative design of the aesthetic you want your pool to have. Various fence materials and designs are used to make your pool appealing and striking,


1. Accessibility –The only way to get to your pool once a fence has been installed is via a gating system. This limited means of entry restricts movement.

2. Visibility –The visibility of your pool area is restricted. For people who like their views, especially views of surrounding landscapes, a fence may diminish some of it.

3. Cost –Depending on the type, material, and design of the fence, get ready to fork a pretty penny. Even for a rudimentary functional fence, it will cost you. If the pool becomes cost-prohibitive, there are several creative ideas for filling in your swimming pools.

For safety reasons, the building code suggests a pool fence's standard height to be four feet; this is important to remember when constructing pool fencing. Fencing materials sold in several stores come in pre-cast sizes listed to the standard height of four feet. Can you build your own pool fence? If you choose to fabricate a pool fence of your own, four feet is the number to aim for.

Pool Privacy Fence
Pool Privacy Fence

What About Different Materials to Use for Building Your Fence?

A functional and easy to install alternative is a chain-link fence. Not the most splashy or high end of displays, it works well. Can you build your own pool fence in this manner? For do it yourself pool fences, this is easy to install.

Some of the more common iterations of pool fence ideas are panels, bars, and planks. Materials usually used in bar style fences are aluminum, vinyl, iron, and steel. You can get hundreds of bar-style fences online or at a landscaping vendor. Can you build your own pool fence? Yes. Using wood and perhaps vinyl, a simple lattice, post fence, or slat can be fashioned.

Glass panel fencing provides a much more picturesque, high-end classy visual motif that complements the pool area exquisitely. These panels can be equipped with metal framing or a frame-less feel with very few metal parts adjoining the glass, especially for a good size swimming pool.

They provide better resistance to time focused attrition and chemical damage that can significantly impair metal and wood. Not to mention the panels look damn good. Pricing for pool fencing ideas spans a wide array of possibilities.

Wood can set you back about $10-30 for each foot-long section of linear coverage. Vinyl can go for $25-40 per foot while run off the mill chain-link goes for around $8-12. If you're feeling bold, pricing for glass pool fencing can go in the range of $300-$500, varying with the thickness of glass used.