5 Creative Ways to Fill the Pool

In case your pool becomes an expensive affair in terms of maintenance, or you no longer need it, you might consider doing away with it by maybe filling it up and planting grass. However, while this might be a viable option to dispose of your pool, there are better outdoor concepts you could adopt. You can transform the pool into something useful. Turn the pool into a useful expense-free area that your family can still enjoy. And what’s more, you will not have to deal with the chemical treatment of your pool anymore.

1.      Transform Your Pool into a Deck

5 Creative Ways to Fill the Pool

You could avoid destroying your old or useless pool by transforming it into a deck. The pool area can be a suitable outdoor area for gatherings or a relaxation zone, especially with an outdoor kitchen, where you can have an intimate gathering and a meal.

This process entails covering the pool with composite decking. However, there are costs to incur and such are dictated by the following reasons:

  • Pool size
  • Pool shape
  • Deck materials
  • Your preferred new additions

The initial stage of such a conversion is getting a certified contractor to estimate the cost for you. However, most contractors will come up with a figure of between $ 10,000 and $ 12000. Converting your pool into a deck comes with several benefits:

  • You can adopt the underside of the deck as a storage facility
  • If need be in the future, you can reconvert the deck areas back into a pool


2. Convert Your Pool into a Pond

While you might want some water in your compound for outdoor aesthetic reasons, maintaining a pool or remodeling an old one can be an expensive engagement that you would not want to incur. However, you can convert your pool into a less expensive pond.

Converting your pool into a pond is not difficult, but it calls for some adjustments:

  • You need to add a filtration system
  • You need to choose suitable plants and animals for your pond
  • If you still want to take a swim in the pond, get an eco-friendly water feature.

3. Convert Your Pool into a Greenhouse

Turning your pool into a greenhouse where you can grow some fresh produce is quite a fulfilling engagement that you would undoubtedly fancy. This will not only cut on the pool maintenance costs but also significantly reduce your grocery expenditure. Even better, the transformation is very pocket-friendly.

An underground greenhouse comes in handy with the most appropriate and stable temperatures for healthy plants. As such, you get to enjoy your fresh produce all year. Even better, you can control the conditions of the greenhouse to your liking. However, it is imperative to consult a certified contractor to determine the suitability of turning your pool into a greenhouse.

4. Turn Your Pool into a Garden

5 Creative Ways to Fill the Pool

You could also convert your pool into a garden, grow some vegetables, keep a bird, or rear some butterflies. The process entails drilling some drainage holes at the bottom of your pool and then adding soil with a shovel or an appropriate earthmover.

You can rent tools to avoid straining in hot summer or to save time and get your plants growing as soon as possible. However, ensure you have some knowledge of the use of such tools and seek the guidance of a certified dealer in case of uncertainties. Furthermore, pay attention to the recommended safety precautions.

On the pool:

  • Stuff soil into the pool until sufficiently compact to avoid sinking in future
  • Use an appropriate tool to level your garden
  • Plant your preferred plants

5. Convert Your Pool into a Sunken Patio

You can convert your pool into a sunken patio where you can unwind or entertain your visitors. Experts at Pool and Patio Pros state that if you are up for some outdoor relaxation zone, a sunken patio would be way cheaper than a deck.

The pool’s features, such as steps and handrails plus your additional custom features, could significantly contribute to the aesthetics of the patio. Furthermore, such features, such as the seating, firepits, and decorations could add to the coziness of your patio. You could also add a few plants and appropriate accessories to make it more attractive.

Converting your old pool into a sunken patio could initially appear like a costly affair but beats the constant maintenance costs of a swimming pool. You won’t need to use a skimmer for pool cleaning and chemical treatment is no more. As such, consider turning your pool into a patio instead of filling it up with dirt and turning it into an aesthetically unappealing area.