How to Choose Land for a House

There are certain things that you want from a home that you are not willing to compromise on and it can be quite difficult to find a home that meets up with your ideals. When you are faced with this problem, you can choose to purchase a piece of land and construct a home you want, so that you can design it to your suitable taste. Including adding all the curb appeal you desire. However you must know how to choose land for a house.

As tempting as the option of buying land instead of buying a resale house might be, it is very important to understand everything about buying land before you do so. You might end up regretting your decision to buy a land if you do not ensure specific criteria is met and procedures are followed correctly. 

You are probably wondering what to look for when purchasing land and building a house. Well we can help with some tips for buying land and what you need to have a keen eye for before you start building. 

How to Choose Land for a House
How to Choose Land for a House

Location Of The Land

At the top of the list of things to consider when purchasing land should be the location. The location you choose to buy land and build a home is where you will be for a majority of your life so you will want to make sure you are happy in the area. Look for things within the community that peak your interest. Things to look for would be schools, parks, hospitals, and stores. Maybe even finding a farmers market within an area would catch your eye. 

Just whatever you do, do not buy land somewhere you don’t see yourself living for a good chunk of time. How to choose land for a house is not always easy, but starting with location is key to helping with all the other things you will need to consider. 

Restrictions And Setbacks On Property

Rules that determine how far the land can be set back from the border of the lot are known as the setback of the land. The land setback should be considered before the land is purchased. Property setback might be determined by where you are permitted to build the house. You need to be sure that the lot can take in the size of the home that you intend to build. This is why it is important to consider setbacks.

Zoning Ordinance

There are laws in certain areas that determine if land in a particular area can be used for commercial and/or residential purposes. This would even become more crucial if you notice that most of the structures in that area are all commercial houses.  

Other things you will need to consider for your land is if you are able to construct other things on that land. For example if you are wanting to build a detached garage, a shed, or even building a good sized swimming pool. For building these other amenities, you will also need a building permit if the area allows for you to build. Figuring out zoning ordinances is a big key to how to choose land for a house. 

Natural Hazards/Affinity For Occurrence Of Natural Disaster

Normally it is expected that the land that has been put up for sale is not at risk of certain natural hazards or natural disasters. You will have to consider whether or not the land you are looking into has any risks of natural hazards. The most common natural hazard to look out for would be fires. Fires seem to be a growing concern throughout many countries and states. For example, California has been seen to have fires frequently, causing those areas to evacuate and/or become a fire zone.

Checking a local fire zone map or seeing where natural disasters occur more often can help with what to know before buying land. 

Tips for Buying Land
Tips for Buying Land

Availability Of Utility Sources

Access to utility resources is a very important factor to consider before buying a land. You will need to find out how your home will be powered, how you will be able to get water after you have built your home. Utilities that make your living easy such as gas, waste disposal, phone and cable are important so it is crucial for you to figure out how you can easily get this when you build your home. These are questions to ask when buying land to build a house.


Perhaps the land you are looking into buying will need some low maintenance bushes or other low maintenance backyard ideas to make the space your own. Remember to make all the inquiries that you need to make sure that what you are paying for is exactly what you want. Let your imagination run wild when you start designing your home and landscape.