How to Clean Swimming Pool Filter

Your pool filter is a key component of your pool’s filtration system. However, most people don’t realize the importance of cleaning the pool filter. You need a clean filter to ensure the pool water is clean and pool equipment performs properly. It’s crucial, therefore, to learn how to clean swimming pool filter.

How to Clean Swimming Pool Filter

Renovating your pool? You may have noticed it is time to clean the swimming pool filter. This article will discuss the importance of cleaning your pool filter and then outline how to clean the 3 main types of filters; Cartridge, Sand and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters.


  • Turn off the pool pump and filtration system
  • Remove any excess air from the system by turning the air relief valveHow to Clean Swimming Pool Filter
  • Remove the clamps holding the filter together
  • Remove the top of the filter
  • Slowly remove the cartridge. Inspect it for damage and if you find any tears or cracks, it’s time to replace it.
  • Clean the cartridge using a garden hose with a spray nozzle
  • Rinse the cartridge thoroughly before returning it to the filter and securing it in place
  • Replace the filter top and close the clamps
  • Turn the system back on and release any excess air by opening the air release valve. 
  • Confirm that the pressure is in the normal range.

Sand Filter

When it comes to cleaning a sand pool filter, you have two options. Professionals at Regal Pools say you can backwash the sand filter, whenever it reaches 10PSI over the normal operating level. If you start noticing cloudy water, it may also be time to clean the filter.

Nevertheless, you need to clean your sand filter chemically at least once a year.

  • Remove debris from the filter by backwashing it for about 5 minutes
  • Turn off the pump and turn the valve to Filter.
  • Remove the pump’s strainer lid
  • Pour some sand filter cleaner into the strainer basket then replace the lid
  • Switch on the pump for about 15 seconds to transfer the cleaner from the pump to the filter
  • Turn off the pump, and let it sit overnight or for about 8 hours.
  • Backwash the filter for about 5 minutes again to get rid of any dirt and debris dislodged by the filter cleaner
  • Turn the filter system back on

DE Filter

This combines the process of cleaning a sand filter and a cartridge filter.

  • Backwash the filter for about 4 to 5 minutes to get rid of debris
  • Turn the pump off
  • Open the air relief valveHow to Clean Swimming Pool Filter
  • Drain water from the filter tank by removing the drain plug
  • Remove the clamps holding the filter in place
  • Open the filter tank
  • Take out all the grids after removing the filter manifold
  • Use a garden hose to rinse out the tank
  • Clean the manifold using a spray nozzle on your garden hose or D.E. filter cleaner
  • Rinse the filter grids with a garden hose to flush out debris including D.E. powder
  • Place the grids back into the filter tank
  • Add D.E. Powder to the filter tank following manufacturer’s instructions
  • Run the pool pump for at least half an hour to allow the D.E. to distribute evenly over the filter grids.

Bottom Line

Pools are great for small backyards or large one, but you need to remember to maintain a clean pool. Regardless of the type of filter you have, remember to keep an eye on the pressure gauge and perform backwashings/cleanings as needed so that you never encounter cloudy water, poor filtration nor costly equipment repair/replacement. With the steps above and other pool cleaning tips, you can make ensure a clean pool. Now that you know how to clean swimming pool filter, all you need is to spare some time and enjoy a trouble-free pool.