Having a swimming pool is a great way to add features or fun to your house. Many people have a misconception that the pools are not meant for small yards. That is completely inaccurate. There are many houses with small yards that have pools. You just have to find the right design for the pool that can go well with your small yard. If you are looking for the best pool designs for small yards, then you are at the right place.

Pool Designs for Small Yards

We have jotted down the top best and most amazing designs that are meant for pools in small yards. You can have fun, relax and enjoy the pool with your friends in the summer. It’s also a great way to party with your friends and family with the barbeque going on. So, read on to know more about the pool designs that are ideal for the small yards.

#1: Small Square Pool Enclosed by Wooden PlatformPool Designs for Small Yards

Do you want a minimalist design for the pool? Then having a small sized square/cocktail pool can be a great idea. Cocktails pools are rather small and are built to complement your yard. You can enhance the aesthetic beauty of the pool by enclosing it with the wooden platform. You can make it even more beautiful with added features such as fire pits.

#2: Implanting Bathing Area

If you have a small yard, then you can consider choosing a rectangular shaped bathing area between your landscaping and your home. This is one of the best ways to add a small pool for a small family. You can add spa features and incorporate your landscaping with the pool design.

#3: Small Basin with Water Fountain

You can build a small swimming pool or spa with gardens surrounding the pool area. Along with that you can also add a water fountains. This is one of the best ideas for the ones who love greenery but have a small space.

#4: Plunge Bath with StonesPool Designs for Small Yards

You can build a beautiful yet small plunge bath that you can use for relaxing. Though it doesn’t look like a pool, it can surely give a good vibe. You can pave the bottom of the pool with the help of the stone.

#5: Oval Pool with Clay Blocks

You can construct a beautiful swimming pool which is oval in shape. You can decide the size according to the space you have in your yard. Enhance the pool surrounding by concreting it with the clay blocks. This can look really beautiful and classy.

#6: Kidney Shaped Swimming Pool

This is one of the best designs for pools in your small yard. This shape can give an illusion of bigger pool size when it is not. You can make it even more beautiful and decorated with the help of patterned tiles. You can also surround the area with cozy chairs and a table.

In Conclusion

So, these are the best pool designs for small yards. You can choose any designs for your yard to ensure that you too have a pool. You can style your pool area and enhance its beauty by adding custom features according to your wish.

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