How to get Wrinkles out of Pool Liner

Pool liners are generally made up of vinyl in nature. But they offer a wide range of color and style options to choose from. They are quite easy to maintain and they also feel great to your feet. However, these pool liners can get wrinkles too. If you are getting that too, then there is no need to panic or worry. This is a common thing that can happen to anyone. All you have to know is how to get wrinkles out of pool liner. 

How to get Wrinkles out of Pool Liner

When renovating your pool, you may be inclined to get a new pool liner. Sometimes pool liners can develop wrinkles. If you are looking for an answer on how you can remove the wrinkles from the pool liner and keep your pool clean and at the right water balance, then you are the right place. You have to know how you can deal with this. We have some really helpful tips for you that can help you to get the wrinkles out of the pool liner.

How to Remove the Wrinkles from the Pool Liner?How to get Wrinkles out of Pool Liner

If you don’t properly maintain your pool, wrinkles can occur. If you notice wrinkles on the pool liner, then you have to act as quick as possible. Do not allow them to sit for a longer time. If you leave it like that, it will be tougher for you to get rid of the wrinkles. When you notice the wrinkles, try following these to remove them:

  1. Lower the pool water: Sometimes the wrinkles can develop after the pool water has sat there for a long period of time. You can either low the pool water or empty it completely to fill it with fresh pool water. You can start to work the wrinkles out slowly as you start filling the pool with water.
  2. Perfect water & pH balance: When the pH level is low, it can cause the liner to develop wrinkles. When the pH level drops below 7, the water will turn acidic. In this case, the vinyl will start to absorb water and it will expand. This can cause wrinkles. High level of chlorine can also damage the liner. 
  3. Unused toilet plunger: One of the best ideas to get rid of the wrinkles from the vinyl liners is the toilet plunger. This can be used in the areas where you notice light wrinkles on the vinyl. 
  4. Heating up the pool: Another great way to remove the wrinkles from the pool liner of your swimming pool is by heating the pool up. The fact is that the liners can develop wrinkles due to cold water. The colder temperature can cause the liner to harden resulting in wrinkles. 
  5. Call a professional: You can even call for a professional pool service to help you in this. The professionals can help the work to be done is a smoother and easier way. They can try different methods to get rid of the wrinkles.

In Conclusion

If you are wondering how to get wrinkles out of pool liner, then these are the ways. If you have tried the above mentioned methods and cannot find a solution, then you are bound to call a pool professional for this. The professional service must be hard working and have a great experience in this. Once you are finished, remember to keep your pool clean.