La Costa Series



California Outdoor Concepts in its Signature Series would most certainly feature as its flagship model, the La Costa. Sleek and Modern best describes this cast resin Fire Pit when the all stainless steel burner assembly is filled with glass. The glass provides a dramatic back drop for the flames in any of eleven stunning color choices. The unique design feature is the lattice base that it is completely at home in a traditional setting yet makes modern look easy and natural. In Chocolate Brown, or Black it melds perfectly with your other garden furniture and outdoor lighting fixtures. The change to ceramic logs with authentic markings will turn your outdoors into a warm and inviting area. The design choice is yours!

True Outdoor Furniture, the La Costa series, from California Outdoor Concepts, claims the most prominent place with the Del Rio! The phrase, “to or from the River” describes the Spanish influence that shapes the fire in this innovative coffee table design. Sleek, Modern and Mesmerizing, all words that will come to mind as you follow a meandering fire dancing atop polished Granite from mountains thousand of years old. Outdoor furniture that fits perfectly into your life, it doesn’t just fill your space. The Del Rio completes the La Costa Line and defines design by California Outdoor Concepts!